How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Trademark Attorney

How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Trademark Attorney

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In the corporate world, protecting your brand’s reputation is crucial. An important part of this protection is working with a trademark attorney who can help you through the trademark registration process. Costs, however, are a common source of concern for business owners and entrepreneurs. In this blog, we will dig into the question, “How much does it cost to hire a trademark attorney?” in an effort to address this concern. We’ll go over the various pricing structures, the factors that affect attorney fees, and some insights to help you make a well-informed decision about brand protection. Come along as we explain trademark attorney fees in detail so you can protect your brand assets.

Why To Hire An Attorney?

If you want to apply for a trademark through the USPTO’s Trademark Electronic Application System (TEAS), there are a few things you’ll need to pay for. Expenses like these are conditional on the filing method you select.

The standard filing fee for TEAS Plus is $225. However, there is an additional $125 charge if you need to include items or services from another class. You can speed up the process even further by opting for TEAS Plus, which lets you receive further updates through email.

The standard filing fee is $275 when you choose the TEAS reduced fee option. Later, you can choose to pay the $125 fee for another category of goods or services. In the same way as TEAS Plus, you have the option to receive the updates regarding the process through email, which is convenient.

A $400 basic filing fee is required for TEAS Regular. There will be extra costs if you need to add more categories of products and services after the first filing. For even more application flexibility, this option lets you submit additional materials outside of the TEAS system.

The cost of hiring an attorney to guide you through trademark registration is on top of the direct filing fees. Factors like the attorney’s level of experience, the services given, and the complexity of the application can cause fees to fluctuate. The standard payment structure for legal representation is either a flat fee or an hourly rate. Although it may be more expensive, it may be worth it to hire a lawyer to help you through the registration process and make sure everything is done correctly.

Costs Associated With Trademarks & Attorneys

First, it protects the name from others who might try to use it without permission by giving the owner the exclusive right to sell products or provide services under the name. Trademark owners can safeguard their brand identity and investments by taking legal action against breaching.

In addition, trademarking a name helps in creating awareness of the brand and distinguishing it from competitors. A trademarked name helps a brand stand out from the competition by visually differentiating its products or services. This, in turn, increases the brand’s visibility and sales.

Furthermore, trademarks are essential for safeguarding the reputation and positive feelings towards a brand. Trademarks deter others from ruining a brand’s image by selling subpar goods or services since they restrict use of the name to authorized users only. For long-term success, this security is critical to keeping customers’ confidence and loyalty.

Having the exclusive right to use a trademark in connection with a particular good or service is another benefit of registering a trademark. Businesses are able to keep their competitive advantage and stop others from making money off of their success thanks to this exclusivity.

Trademarked names are valuable assets because they can be licensed or sold to create more opportunities for growth and revenue. Lastly, owners can protect their brand internationally and prevent unauthorized use in foreign markets by registering their trademark, which extends protection beyond domestic borders.

Why To Use a Legal Website While Registering a Trademark:

Applicants for trademarks can benefit greatly from the simplified procedure and helpful tools made available by filing their trademarks through an authorized website. Reasonable pricing is one of the main advantages. When compared to more conventional legal services, the prices offered by trademark filing websites are quite reasonable. This affordability allows individuals and small businesses with limited budgets to access professional assistance without breaking the bank, which can be especially beneficial for them.


Using a legal website to file a trademark provides several benefits, including reduced fees, ease of use, and accessibility. There is no longer any requirement for applicants to physically visit a law office or meet with an attorney; all they need is access to the internet to begin the process. Those in rural areas or with hectic schedules who don’t have time for regular legal consultations will appreciate this accessibility even more.


When applying for a trademark, it is a good idea to consult a legal website for advice and resources. To assist applicants in comprehending the criteria and looking through the complexities of trademark law, we provide them with detailed instructions, instructional materials, and customer support services. With the help of these platforms, applicants can make well-informed decisions and apply with confidence because of the extensive assistance they provide.

What Are The Implications Of Not Retaining A Trademark Attorney?

If you choose not to utilize the services of a trademark attorney, you will have to handle the complicated legal process on your own. It could appear like a good idea at the time because of the savings, but it could cause a lot of problems and risks in the future.

To start, it might be difficult to check if your desired mark is available for registration without legal knowledge. This increases the possibility that you may choose a mark that is already in use, which could cause problems down the road, such as having your application rejected or having to settle a lawsuit.

Furthermore, you should seek the advice of an attorney before submitting your trademark application, as you may be unaware of all the legal requirements and difficulties. Because of this, the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) may reject or delay your application due to mistakes or errors.

Also, you need to make sure you respond properly and effectively if third parties object to or oppose your trademark application. In the absence of legal counsel, you may find it difficult to overcome these obstacles, putting your trademark registration at risk.

Having a trademark attorney by your side can be extremely helpful in cases of trademark breaching or disputes. They are able to advise you legally, speak up on your behalf, and assist you in successfully enforcing your trademark rights.

Are There Renewal Fees Or Monitoring Fees Associated With Attorneys?

There are renewal fees and monitoring fees associated with trademark attorneys. However, it’s important to note that attorneys typically charge for their services based on their expertise, experience, and the specific needs of the client, rather than following a set fee structure mandated by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

When it comes to renewal fees for maintaining a trademark registration, the USPTO charges different fees depending on the type of renewal required. As of the last available information, these fees are as follows:

  1. Declaration of Continued Use or Excusable Nonuse (Section 8): $225 per class of goods/services.
  2. Application for Renewal (Section 9): $525 per class of goods/services.

It’s essential to consult with your trademark attorney to understand their fee structure for handling renewal filings and any additional services they may provide, such as monitoring for potential infringement or enforcing your trademark rights.

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