How Much Does It Cost To Renew A Trademark?

How Much Does It Cost To Renew A Trademark?

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Do you ever find yourself wondering what it takes to maintain the credibility of your brand? Imagine those memorable logos that stand for more than just a brand; they represent the spirit of the businesses. However, trademark renewal is an often-overlooked but essential step behind every well-known brand. Many well-known brands, like McDonald’s golden arches and Apple Inc.’s apple with a bite out of it, spend money on both product development and trademark renewal to protect their identities. Get ready to dig into the world of trademark renewal costs and why they’re essential for maintaining your brand’s identity if you’ve ever wondered how much it would cost to preserve your brand’s legacy.

Here’s to know what are trademarks and how much does it cost to renew a trademark.

What Are Trademarks?

Companies value trademarks greatly because they are the foundation of their brand and make their goods and services stand out from the rest. Trademarks are very important for making people aware of a brand and keeping them loyal. Trademarks can be logos, slogans, or even the names of products.

Trademarks can protect a lot of different things, not just names and logos. They can also protect sounds, colors, and even smells. Simply put, trademarks can be used on anything that helps customers figure out where a product or service came from. The roar of the MGM lion, the color red used by Coca-Cola, and the smell of a certain perfume are all examples of trademarked elements that help people recognize and stay loyal to a brand.

Domain names, social media handles, app icons, and more traditional goods and services are all examples of modern intellectual property that can be protected by trademarks. Getting trademarks for these digital assets can help protect their online identity and stop others from stealing it. This is especially important for businesses that want to build a strong online presence in this digital age.

It is not common for trademarks to cover general terms, descriptive phrases, or marks that are only used for decoration or function. In addition, trademark authorities can turn down trademarks that they think are offensive, immoral, or likely to cause confusion with other marks.

Why To Renew a Trademark?

To maintain the value and protection of a trademark registration, it is necessary to renew the trademark periodically. Now, let’s explore the importance of renewal.

First and foremost, keeping your trademark rights active requires periodic renewal. Take, for instance, a well-known clothing brand whose name is based on its logo. The brand risks having its exclusive use of the logo infringed upon by imitators and violators if the trademark registration for it were to expire.

One of the most important reasons to renew a trademark is to ensure continued protection. Imagine if a famous software firm has its flagship product named after a trademark. To avoid competitors confusing consumers and taking advantage of the company’s strong brand recognition, it is important to renew the trademark so the company can continue to use the name exclusively in relation to its software.

Renewal of trademarks is also essential for preserving brand awareness over the long run. For example, there’s this fast food restaurant with the world-famous logo. Customers will continue to associate the chain’s logo with high-quality food and service as long as it is renewed as a trademark, which will strengthen their loyalty and trust in the brand.

Renewal of trademarks offers significant advantages from a legal perspective, including the capacity to enforce trademark rights. Take a well-known beverage company as an example; they’ve protected their distinctive packaging with a trademark. By re-registering the trademark, the business can safeguard its name and market share from imitators who try to copy its packaging.

At last, a competitive advantage can be yours through trademark renewal. Consider a prominent electronics maker that has a slogan that has been trademarked. Renewing its trademark registration ensures that the company can continue to use the slogan in advertising and marketing campaigns, giving it a edge in the market and helping to distinguish its products from competitors.

How Much Does It Cost To Register A Trademark?

Registering a trademark is a crucial step in protecting your brand’s identity and legal rights. But just how much does it cost to get your trademark officially registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO)? Let’s break down the costs.

When you file directly with the USPTO’s Trademark Electronic Application System (TEAS), you have three basic options to choose from:

  1. TEAS Plus:
    • Basic filing fee of $225
    • An additional $125 fee for each additional class of goods or services
    • Ability to receive further communications via email
  2. TEAS Reduced Fee:
    • Basic filing fee of $275
    • Option to pay $125 fee for each additional class of goods or services later
    • Ability to receive further communications via email
  3. TEAS Regular:
    • Basic filing fee of $400
    • Fee for adding classes of goods and services
    • Option to submit further application materials outside of the TEAS system

As you can see, the cost of registering a trademark with the USPTO can vary depending on the filing option you choose and the number of classes of goods or services your trademark will cover. Additionally, if you choose to work with a trademark attorney or firm to assist with the registration process, there may be additional legal fees to consider.

How Much Does It Cost To Renew A Trademark?

First things first. The type of trademark (word mark, logo, combination mark, etc.) and the place where it is registered are two of the many variables that can affect the price of trademark renewal. For instance, per class of goods or services, the cost of trademark renewal with the USPTO can vary between $125 and $425 in the US, depending on whether the renewal is filed electronically or on paper.

But that’s not all the cost that is charged. Many companies also choose to have trademark lawyers or firms to manage the renewal process instead of paying the official government fees. It is not necessary to hire a lawyer, but doing so can give you confidence that the renewal process is being managed properly. Legal fees for trademark renewal can range from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars, depending on the case’s complexity and the services provided. However, it is common for fees to vary widely.

Therefore, the overall cost of trademark renewal can vary, based on factors like government fees, legal fees, and any extra services needed. This may seem like a lot of money up front, but remember that preserving your brand’s reputation is important to staying ahead of the competition. Not only does trademark renewal ensure that you can continue the use of your brand name and logo in relation to your goods and services, but it also protects the legacy of your brand.

When To Renew A Trademark?

The United States is one of several countries that requires trademark renewal on a regular basis to keep them active. The first period of time for trademark registration is usually 10 years, though it can differ from place to place. In order to maintain ownership of your trademark, it is essential that you remember when the renewal deadline is.

U.S. trademark holders have six months from the registration’s expiration date to begin the renewal process. About six months prior to the renewal deadline, the USPTO sends a polite reminder to the owner of the trademark. The timely filing of the renewal, however, is the responsibility of the trademark owner.

The loss of trademark protection and the possibility of trademark infringement are two major outcomes that can result from a trademark’s failure to be renewed on time. Re-establishing the same degree of protection for your brand after a trademark registration expires can be challenging, if not impossible.

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