How Much Does It Cost To Trademark A Name In Texas

How Much Does It Cost To Trademark A Name In Texas

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Trademarks are important. This is because they provide the identity of your brand! If you are someone who’s willing to get a trademark for your business but is not sure about the costs, then we have got you covered! For a moment, think about a world where everything looked the same – that’d be boring! And how would you even know which “Nike” or “Adidas” is the real one? This would not only create confusion among the buyers but will also never let any brand create it’s uniqueness to stand out! Therefore, trademarks make sure that doesn’t happen. But getting a trademark isn’t free or cheap. Everything comes at a price. We are here to explain to you how much it costs to trademark a name in Texas.

Understanding Trademark Costs

Determining the total cost of obtaining a trademark involves various factors. These include the number of marks you’re registering, the classes they apply to, where you’re filing, the type of application, and attorney fees, among others.

Application Fees:

The primary cost associated with trademarking a name in Texas is the application fee. This is also called the filling fee. The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) charges different fees depending on the filing basis and classification of goods/services. For online filing using the TEAS (Trademark Electronic Application System), the standard application fee for one class of goods/services is $250-$350. But this can be called the basic filling see. But let me tell you on more thing! This doesn’t just end here. Because, this fee can vary if you opt for TEAS Plus or paper filing methods.

Attorney Fees:

Don’t forget that an attorney isn’t your need. It can be a luxury for your trademark. Let me explain it to you! This is because trademark registration services can easily simply the process for registering. But there’s no doubt that your brand is very important. So, to protect it, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to get an attorney on board for registering.

Band not only this, but an attorney can also save you money in the long run, since your application fees are not refunded should your application get refused. Therefore, you should use an attorney when filing your trademark or one of the many online filing services. This will make the process less hectic, and smoother!

The cost of hiring an attorney can change depending on how tricky your situation is, how experienced the attorney is, and what services they offer. Every attorney has different charges. This cost can’t be predicted beforehand. Some attorneys might give you a fixed price for registering your trademark, while many others might want you to pay them per hour. We would recommend to examine and analyse several attorneys before you get started so that you choose the perfect one!

Search and Clearance Costs:

Take a significant key here! Remember that before requesting a trademark, it is very important to do comprehensive research to make sure your desired name is available. This will eventually save your search costs! Let us help you with this. What you can do is you can do a basic search on the USPTO website for free. However, if you would like to search for searching services, then you must be prepared to pay for it. This is because these services search through databases other than the USPTO, which lessens the chance for potential risk. Keep in mind whatever you are paying to protect your brand is all worth it!

Maintenance Fees:

If you think getting a trademark is a one-time cost, then you are wrong! It’s not just the filling, searching, and attorney costs. There are more! This is because you have to pay a price to stand out. Let us make it simpler for you. Suppose that you are done with your basic step to register. But now you’ll have to pay $125 for each type of goods or services that are linked to your trademark between the fifth and sixth year after you register it. Make sure you remember that this protects and keeps your property rights up to date.

Moreover, in the ninth and tenth year after registering, there is an extra fee of $425 per class of goods or services. Don’t worry about it! In order to protect your identity, this cost is essential.  
Lastly, don’t forget that the management fee stays at $425 per class of goods or services every 10 years. These maintenance costs make sure your identity and uniqueness remain constant! And we are sure you don’t want to miss that! If you are unable to do so, it can lead to cancellation of your trademark. And your brand doesn’t deserve that!

Additional Costs:

Depending on your specific circumstances, there may be additional costs associated with trademark registration. Now, you might think, that is what it is about. So let’s make it simple for you! Think for a moment that as soon as you get your trademark, someone out there is filled an opposition over it. What would you do now? To protect and defend your trademark, you will need to go through the legal fees and all. Not just this, if you decide to expand your trademark protection beyond Texas or you want to attain trademark monitoring services, then again, you have to pay for them separately.

Trademark and Different Costs Associated:

How Much Does It Cost To Trademark A Slogan?

Trademarking a slogan in Texas involves some paperwork and fees. It’s like buying insurance for your brand – it protects your slogan from being used by others without your permission. The cost varies, but generally, it ranges from around $225 to $400 just to file the application. This totally depends on how you do it. It can be online or on paper. Along with that, it also depends on the fact that in how many categories your slogan falls into. But this doesn’t end here. You might have to pay more in the future if you need to give more information or renew your trademark. But why would you hesitate to pay for something that is too important? It’s just like proclaiming it openly that, “This is mine.” This not only helps with the positioning but also helps in creating trust among the customers. 

Is Trademarking A Name In Texas Expensive?

It may cost a little more to trademark a name in Texas than in some other states. The reason for this is that Texas is big, both in terms of population and business activity. The prices for trademark services may increase because there are so many people who want the service as time passes by. The range of the price is from $250 to $450. However, the basic filling cost has not changed. However, there may be extra fees or requirements that are unique to the Lone Star State, increasing the overall expense. But don’t let the cost put you off. You can think of it as an investment to protect your brand’s identity and make sure you are the only one who can use your trademark in Texas.

How Much Does It Cost To Get Trademark of a Song?

If you are looking to make your song a unique one, then acquiring a trademark for your song is the right decision. Remember that for every trademark there’s a basic filling cost that is also known as application fee, which starts at $225 per class of goods or services, attorney fees if hired. Then after that comes the trademark search fees, typically between $200 to $500 or more, and potential additional costs such as responding to office actions or renewal fees. If you are considering the long-term value of safeguarding your song and brand identity, it’s crucial to budget accordingly and explore options for legal assistance and searches because your brand deserves the best!

How Much Does It Cost To Trademark A Phrase?

Getting trademarks is important. Either it is for a tagline, brand or phrase. You must be pretty aware of the phrase “Because You’re Worth It” (L’Oréal). If you also have any phrase to get protected, then let us explain to you how much it would cost you. As stated before, the basic filling cost starts from $225 per class of goods or services, attorney fees if you are hiring one, and potential search fees. These are the upfront costs. You might have to pay additional costs depending upon the services you go for!

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