How Much Does It Cost To Trademark A Name In USA

How Much Does It Cost To Trademark A Name In USA

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Keeping your brand’s name safe it the right choice to make to avoid future consequences. However, there may be chances that you don’t know about it’s expense. Do not worry! We’re here to help you figure out everything and to make you understand the procedure. Once you read the following given information, it will be much easier for you to understand how trademarks work and how much it costs.

How Much Does It Cost To Trademark A Name In USA

When starting the trademarking process in the USA, there is one thing you need to remember. There are two kinds of fees and costs when you trademark something. A filing fee is charged by the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). Everything that needs to be done to register a trademark is included in this fee i.e. the fee you have to pay to send in your trademark application. You will also have to pay more if you file a statement of use and ask for to extend the deadline.

There is one more thing you need to do before finishing the registration process. You have to make sure that the trademark you’re using is not already being used by someone else. A detailed search would be required for this. But getting help from the trademark attorney is also beneficial. Hiring a lawyer would be beneficial because they will help you and assure you about the trademark you choose. These lawyers have good knowledge and possess great skills. They are able to easily locate the databases and assess potential conflicts.

If you want to file for a trademark, having a lawyer by your side will help you the most. Having a lawyer is not important, however, it can greatly help you to be successful in finding a good trademark. In fact, figures show that getting help from a lawyer increases the chances for success by more than 50. The lawyer knows everything related to the trademark law. Making sure that the application is complete and has a chance of being approved is also in their hands.

Filing Fee for Trademarking

There are four different application forms in the US Trademark Office has four different applications, and the costs are different amounts to file. These forms help you to apply for your trademark application online. As the TEAS Plus Form is cheap, it is mostly used by people. TEAS Plus charges $250 per class of goods or services. This form is for people who want to send their applications without any changes in it. It is important to write down any specific goods or services that you want to use in your trademark, though. Remember that you can’t use the TEAS Plus form to register a trademark if the description isn’t already in the Trademark ID Manual.

Let’s move forward on the TEAS RF form. The cost of the TEAS RF form is $275 per class to fill out and send in. For those applicants who want to add more information to their original form before sending it for being processed. The people applying for trademark, who want to add more information about goods or services that aren’t on the list can also use the TEAS RF form.

Moreover, applicants who would rather send the application on paper can do so. They should remember, though, that extra fee is charged in the paper. It costs an extra $600 per class. If you send it on paper, it might take longer than expected for your application to be processed. You can register a trademark for a small fee, and the process would be quick by filling the form with the TEAS Plus form. This method is perfect for the organizations that want to register their trademarks without compromising over the the quality of their work.

The Attorney Fee for Trademarking

The companies need to know about the flat fees for attorneys, which provides an easy way to preserve your brand’s identity. It is important to know about this flat fee to make sure that everything runs smoothly in the process of trademark registration. Now, moving forward, we’re going to learn how your brand’s name is protected by the trademark attorney flat fee.

We provide security to our clients by offering them clear prices for trademarking registration and searches. If the clients choose our company, they are able to avoid unpleasant surprises because we agree to a fixed rate for transactional work. We also ensure them that there will be no unexpected bills for them.

There are two types of trademark searches we offer. The first one costs $400 and is the standard search, as well as a comprehensive search, which costs up to $1,250. Our lawyers search the databases of trademarks thoroughly to find if there are any similar ones. After the examination of the database is done, a two-page memo is submitted by them which is a summary of what they found. But the full search goes one step further because it comes with a detailed report from an experienced search company. In the report, there is also information about what kinds of problems might arise.

A flat fee of $950 is charged by our company for trademark applications, which is affordable. The total cost is included in this fee. The cost of the registration process, as well as the follow-up tasks that had to be done.

If you hire a trademark attorney, your chances of success will go up. But hold on! It’s not just about the odds; having a professional lawyer on board also makes the process go more smoothly and faster. So why not get it and make our lives easier? Getting an attorney on board is very important because it will help you avoid unintentionally violating registered trademarks. So, this can protect us from trademark penalties in the future. Isn’t it wonderful?

Trademark Fee the USPTO Charges

If someone wants to get a trademark, they should also know about the USPTO’s fees and procedures. Don’t stress out because technology has made everything possible for you. For this reason, the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) website has a list of fees for trademark registration. Visit their website to learn about the costs and procedures needed.

When you file for a trademark at the USPTO, you need to know that the fees can be different depending on the type of trademark and the types of goods or services it covers. Because each good or service can’t fit into just one group. The terms were clear enough to know which category would suit you the best and how much it would cost you. To find the filing fee, all you have to do is multiply the number of classes by the fee listed for each class. Through this way, you will know exactly how much your trademarks cost.

If you file with “intent to use,” it means you plan to use the trademark later in the future, too. So for this you will have to pay an extra filing fee when you use it in business. If you file with TEAS Plus, TEAS RF, or TEAS, you have an advantage over people who file on paper. People who file on paper pay $200, and people who file online pay $100.

The person applying can ask for more time if they are not ready to send in a statement of use yet. You will have to pay an extra $125 for it, though. You can choose to renew this request every six months, up to five times in total. By doing this, applicants can have some freedom while they get their products or services ready to go.

Anyone who owns a trademark has to file a $8 affidavit every five years. This is done to remind people that this company or organization is still using the old trademark.

How Trademarks Cost Works

What is the basic cost for any trademark?

The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) charges a filling fee that is from $250-$350. To explain to you even more simply, this cost is the basic cost. No matter what you are desiring to get a trademark for, the filling costs start from this range, varying on the categories of goods and services.

How Much Does It Cost To Trademark A Logo?

Different factors can affect the amount it costs to trademark a logo. But remember, the basic cost varies from $250 to $350. The reason for this is that the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) charges fees to file. On top of that, it depends on the application you’re using. The process is usually thought to be easier without an attorney, but having one makes it a lot easier! They make the legal paperwork and proceedings less stressful for you.
Also, it’s important to verify the trademark database to make sure the logo isn’t already being used. There are also other costs that are considered such as directing any Office Actions from the USPTO.  It will depend on the factors of what the final amount is. You should think about these expenses and talk to professionals. You can use it to make sure everything goes well and that your logo is protected by the law so it doesn’t cause you any more trouble.

What Are Trademark Renewal Costs?

It costs money to get everything. Keeping your brand’s image safe means keeping your future safe. This can’t be easy or cheap. To put it another way, there are costs involved with keeping your trademark after you get it. After 5 to 6 years of registration, these fees start to be charged again. In addition to this, the fees are charged after every 10 years. So be attentive to the rules. Keep track of when your renewals are due. Make sure you don’t delay the process of protecting your brand!

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