How Much Does It Cost To Trademark A Name In Michigan

How Much Does It Cost To Trademark A Name In Michigan ​

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We live in a world where every company wants to stand out. But to stand out, you need to protect your brand, too. Protecting your brand’s name or logo is very important to avoid any problems. Getting a trademark is an excellent approach to protect your brand’s image. Are you aware of the amount it takes to trademark a name in Michigan? If not, then we’re here to tell you all the important information for protecting your brand name. We will help you dig through things and let you know everything you need. Starting from the initial filing costs to the amount which you would need to pay for any additional service.   

What is the Basic Application Fee:

The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has different fees for different things. One of them is how the application was filed and what kind of goods or services are being protected. For trademarking a name in Michigan, one of the main costs to be filled is the application fee. The standard application fee lies from $250 to $350 for a single category of goods or services and is usually charged when filing online through the TEAS system. This fee depends on the filing method which is chosen.

Fees charged by the USPTO:

The USPTO is in charge of registering trademarks and keeping them up to date. Their website has an outline of fees that you can look at. There are fees for each trademark and type of goods or services. You have to pay an extra fee of either $100 or $200 for intent-to-use applications after you start the use of the trademark in your company’s name. This fee depends on whether you decide to file online or on paper. You can pay a $125 fee to get more time to file a statement of use if you’re not ready to do so. Every six months, you can ask for an extension up to five times. It costs $8 to file an affidavit after five years in order to show that the trademark is still in your use. One more thing you can do to protect your trademark is to apply for incontestability. From then on, every ten years, you have to send in renewal applications for $9 and affidavits proving continued use for $8. If the forms are not turned in on time, there is a six-month grace period. If you still don’t finish it on time, your forms may be thrown away. Although the USPTO has resources to assist with search and registration, it does not search for trademarks or give legal advice on how to respond to Office Actions.

How Much Attorney Fee is Required:

Another major thing you have to keep in mind is the attorney fee. There are flat fees that range from $400 for searching for a trademark to $950 for filing an application. The application fee covers basic follow-up until the trademark is registered. Some people hire lawyers to help them with the registration process. This can save them money in the long run. Thoughts on an attorney’s experience, services, and fees are important when choosing one.

Amount of the Search Fee:

Doing thorough research to make sure the desired name is available is important. Before filing for a trademark, you should know how much the search and clearance fees are. There may be extra costs for searching services that use professional databases. On the other hand, the USPTO website lets you do simple searches for free. Putting money into a thorough search can lower the risks and protect the brand’s name, logo, or slogan.

The Extra Costs

Maintenance fees are regular costs that come with owning a trademark and are paid to keep the property rights. The payments that are due within the fifth and sixth year after registration are part of it. Not only that but there are also extra fees every ten years after the ninth and tenth years. This could cause the trademark to be taken away if you can’t pay the maintenance fees. It would also show how important it is to pay on time to protect your brand’s reputation.
Besides this, there may be extra costs included depending on the situation. The legal fees to fight back against opposition or the costs of protecting trademarks outside of Michigan by buying monitoring services are two examples. You should think about all of these possibilities in order to fully understand how much it costs to register and maintain a trademark.

Information of Trademarks and their Costs

Difference Between a Normal Trademark And A Registered Trademark

There is a big variation between a trademark and a registered trademark. There is a big difference between them in terms of their legal status and the risk they bring. A trademark is any image, word, phrase, sign, or mix of these that helps people in the market figure out where a product or service comes from. It’s enough to just use it for business to make it a common law trademark. There’s no need to make it official.

A registered trademark, on the other hand, is one that has been legally registered with an official trademark office, such as the USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office). There are several good things about registering a trademark. These include being able to legally use it, being able to sue anyone who copies it, being protected across the whole country, and being able to use the ® symbol. People use both trademarks and registered trademarks to find brands. Although, registered trademarks provide better legal protection and advantages compared to regular trademarks. It’s important to remember that common law rights that are established through use still offer some protection.

How Much Does It Cost To Trademark A smell?

There are different types of applications, so the cost of trademarking a smell can range from $250 to $350 per type of goods or service. While you are not required to, it is recommended that you do so as it may greatly assist you. The fees for hiring one can range from a few hundred to several thousand dollars around the way. It is important to have a thorough check for the trademark to make sure that the logo isn’t already being used. Most of the time, this search costs between a few hundred and a few thousand dollars. Also, don’t forget that dealing with the USPTO doesn’t promise you any money. In response to many factors, it will be very different. Don’t forget to bring in the experts if you want to stand out from the crowd. Have a long talk with the lawyers, do a thorough search, etc., to make trademarks a lot easier for you!

How Much Does It Cost To Get A Trademark In Michigan?

It has never been easier or cheaper to get a trademark. You should already know that the price depends on a number of things, as we already said. If you want to register a trademark, the most important thing is to make sure that the trademark you want is unique and hasn’t already been owned by someone else. Then, you have to fill out the application, send it in, and make sure the trademark office doesn’t object or make any requests. Finally, once you have the trademark, you need to maintain it. Remember that where you live and how many types of goods and services you’d like to protect are also taken into account, which can change how much it costs to register a trademark.

One more thing you should remember is that doing a trademark search, hiring a lawyer if needed, and dealing with any objections that come up during the examination process may cost money. Don’t forget that the basic filling price will stay the same, which is between $250 and $350.

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